ENIX 050


Enix050 is ideal for running on asphalt without losing the connection with the ground. The closest thing to going with nothing on your feet, but with just the right protection for those who prefer not to go barefoot.

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Sole Features:
Vibram Plate 5mm + Footbed EGS

ENIX® closure:
Tubular 20mm PES high resistance tape, metal clasp and black velcro + black cord

If your foot measures between 22 and 22.8 cm> T.4 (23.5 cm)
If your foot measures between 22.9 and 23.7 cm> T.5 (24.4 cm)
If your foot measures between 23.8 and 24.6 cm> T. 6 (25.3 cm)
If your foot measures between 24.7 and 25.2 cm> T.7 (25.9cms)
If your foot measures between 25.3 and 25.8 cm> T.8 (26.5cms)
If your foot measures between 25.9 and 27 cm> T. 9 (27.7 cm)
If your foot measures between 27.1 and 27.9 cm> T. 10 (28.6 cm)
If your foot measures between 28 and 28.6 cm> T. 11 (29.3 cm)
If your foot measures between 28.7 and 29.3 cm> T.12 (30cms)
If your foot measures between 29.4 and 30 cm> T.13 (30.7cms)



Enix is a spanish brand, based in Almeria that manufactures sandals. The Enix path is the name given to an ancient Roman road that connects, even today, the towns of Almería and Enix, crossing part of the Sierra de Gádor. At present it is a forest-type track from which infinite trails that go between the steep hills, full of stones and low vegetation. Often, it is easy to discover goats among the hills. When we started making sandals in 2012, several minimalists got together to walk those trails, discovering new routes, old abandoned mines, and fresh water wells that quenched our thirst in the middle of August. In a short time we decided to start our adventure, and we wanted to pay tribute with our commercial name to the minimalists who accompanied us along those paths, and the arid landscapes that surrounded all those race sessions without direction or destination, just for the pleasure of running free in a uninhabited and inhospitable environment. There we have tested all our sandals and all our prototypes. Even today, years later, we continue to travel through its paths at least a few times a year and will continue to do so while the body endures.

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