High Feels Sandal Nº4 Black Beauty


What’s new in sandal No.4?

  1. The toe ring is adjustable! So many of you had wanted an adjustable toe ring. We tried and tested a lot and ended up choosing a small buckle. You don’t feel any of the buckle and we think that they look much nicer now than before: D
  2. The No.4 comes with the removable Y-Straps: The new straps (we call them Y-Straps) keep your HiGH FEELS even better on the foot. You can put them on and take them off with the quick-release fastener without having to close or open the buckles.
    There are extra tie straps for clipping on .

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What is special?
Our sandals are “barefoot shoes” or minimal shoes , free of heels and padding. The thin, flexible sole protects you from pebble stones and broken glass, but lets you experience the world with all your senses. You always feel the ground under your feet and keep control of every step you take.

You don’t have to choose between the practicality of flip-flops and the feeling of running in sandals. The straps are removable.

Size and fit
The No.4 is “normal” and nothing has changed in size compared to the No.3. To check your size in advance , download our size guide , print it out in its original size and put your foot on it.

When you slip on your new sandals for the first time, the sole may feel a little stiffer. This is normal and after 3-4 days they are registered. The sole becomes more flexible and adapts to your foot.

Manufacturing and material
Your sandals are made near the city of Alicante in Spain. We do not want to torture animals or people, which is why we do without leather and manufacture it in fair production. They are handmade, so small irregularities are normal.

We always use the most suitable leather alternatives that we can find. The materials come from Italy and Spain.

The upper sole and the inside of the straps are made of a breathable microfiber fabric that absorbs and releases moisture. So no slipping and no sweaty feet 🙂
– Free of Chromium VI
– Ecological CO2-free manufacturing process
– OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
The straps are soft and comfortable on the skin (microfiber)
The toe ring is also made of microfiber with a PU coating and is sewn to the sole for safety.
The under sole consists of a non-slip rubber mixture. It is more flexible than ever, lightly corrugated and offers good grip.



HiGH FEELS are not your common summer sandals. They are light, thin and all flat with no heel or restricting cushioning. The flexible sole gives you just the right amount of protection but allows you to wiggle your toes any way you want.

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