Xenet Gambler Protect


Minimalist running sandals for the most aggressive trail, since they have extra protection for your foot against rocks and roots without compromising its flexibility and extraordinary weight. The Gambler protect mounts a Vibram Tank sole, which gives it an exceptional grip, as well as lightness and adaptability.

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The compound of this sole guarantees a quick recovery and low abrasion. The closure is formed by a 20mm polypropylene nylon strap. and a pin buckle, with which we get in a short time to have our sandals perfectly adapted to our feet.

The midsole is made of a 3mm high-density EVA rubber. The footbed is a high quality microfiber that absorbs sweat instantly. Thickness 11mm.

To find your size you only have to measure your foot as follows: Place your longest foot on a sheet and, resting your heel on the wall, mark on it, where your longest toe ends (obviously the sheet will also touch the wall), then measures in centimeters, precisely, up to the mark. Once you have the measurement and with the table that you will find in images you will have no problem locating your size. One thing to keep in mind is that, according to our size, the sandal will measure between 0.8 and 1.6 cm. more than our foot.

The steps to follow to achieve a good fit are: The foot must be well centered, for this the heel strap must have the exact tension and not let our foot come out from behind or push it too far forward, then the strap of the instep (that of the buckle) must hug the foot well and the buckle will be located outside the instep. Finally, the closure has to be well tightened, this will leave the foot secure and prevent it from coming out in front. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not leave in the sun.



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